Through this Annex, declare the “ Commercial Ally” who serves as “Principal”, having full knowledge and powers to be bound by the Contractual and Commercial relationship wishing to promote sales of the goods which are included in the online catalog located on the website as well as all other products that from time to time are integrated into the aforementioned online catalog (such goods, the Products”< /i>), granting to< span style="letter-spacing: -0.05pt;"> COMERLIA SAS (Hereinafter Portal) las faculties de “Commission Agent”

1.            <!- -[endif]-->Amount of Consideration: As consideration for the provision of the Marketplace Service, the Commercial Ally will pay to COMERLIA SAS (Hereinafter Portal) a commission by the services provided by COMERLIA SAS (Hereinafter Portal , same that will be the set in the order insertion in the “Consideration” field or distributor price table vs. suggested sales price table, signed by the parties. Said value will be the one that results before the Value Added Tax, since it is the Commercial Partner who absorbs said tax (in forward, </span >the Commission”).

2.            <!- -[endif]-->Periodicity of Payment and Collection of la Commission:

a.      <!- -[endif]-->COMERLIA SAS (Hereinafter Portal) will collect of the Customers the value de </span >the products sold a through of your page < /span>and will subsequently reimburse the Commercial Partner the agreed value less the value of the Commission and the respective taxes and deductions.

b.      <!- -[endif]-->All payments will be made on the first Friday after the calendar days specified in the insertion order (in the box Payment term (calendar days/Negotiation special)) counted from the date on which the transport company confirms the delivery of the product to customer end.

3.            <!- -[endif]-->Procedure and scheme for payment and collection of the Commission: The commission will be deducted by COMERLIA SAS (hereinafter Portal) from the amounts to which the Commercial Partner have the right to receive from the sale of your Products (from agreement to SKU that corresponds), with the periodicity provided for in this document and in the insertion order and taking as a basis for its calculation the total value of the Products (as mentioned in the paragraph above); with the understanding that the total value of the Product is made up of its price. In the event that the commission is variable depending on the Product category, a list categories with your respective Commission. In </span >case that the list of </ span>categories vary, the Commercial Ally shall send a </ span>update a COMERLIA SAS (Hereinafter Portal pediss. com) via email electronic with </span >the new list and las </span >Parties shall agree by written the amount of the Commission for las </ span>new Categories.

COMERLIA SAS (Hereinafter Portal) will perform el payment de the products sold by the Seller a time this beech paid paid by the client,< span style="letter-spacing: -3.05pt;"> delivered al client and that se beech < /span>issued invoice corresponding to client < /span>by part of the Seller, due < /span>the Seller issue bliss invoice < /span>at the time of the operation.</span

If the Commercial Ally, despite If you are obliged to invoice or issue an equivalent document, you do not do so, COMERLIA SAS (hereinafter Portal may deduct the payment of the Product to the Partner Commercial, for the purpose of making the respective refund to the client.

4.            <!- -[endif]-->In case de< span style="letter-spacing: -0.05pt;"> debts by part of the Commercial Ally : The Commercial Ally is de agreement in than any amount           due to COMERLIA SAS (hereinafter Portal) by the Commercial Ally may be compensated against the sums to which the Commercial Ally is entitled to be received by the sale de sus Products a the customers del Portal.

k.                   <!- -[endif]-->For effects of amounts that must be delivered by the sales, the Business Partner, a through of the Seller Center Tool (or if you do not have this service, through electronic communication), you must maintain updated the < /span>inventory and the prices of the< span style="letter-spacing: 0.05pt;"> list of Products offered with the specifications provided above, with the Commercial Partner being solely responsible for any damages and damages caused to COMERLIA SAS (hereinafter Portal) for not complying with the provisions. Similarly, the price of the Products for the Service de Marketplace, will be determined </ span>by the Commercial Ally, sticking always a the legislation applicable, including the Statute of Consumer. From present some affectation for the illegal manipulation of prices by the Commercial Partner, it will be responsible and shall keep unharmed a COMERLIA SAS (Hereinafter Portal by that concept.

l.                        <!- -[endif]-->The risk of< span style="letter-spacing: -0.35pt;"> loss of the Products will be< span style="letter-spacing: -0.35pt;"> assumed by the Commercial Ally until the delivery de the same to its buyer, and it will be paid to COMERLIA SAS (Hereinafter Portal the commission for the sole fact of the sale of the product is made, not then until that is delivered .

5.            <!- -[endif]-->Billing: The Commercial Partner will be solely responsible for issuing the receipts or invoices corresponding to its sales, covering all the obligations that this entails for itself and for the final consumer. COMERLIA SAS (hereinafter Portal, will only issue the corresponding invoice for concept of the Service provided “Marketplace”, which will contemplate the percentage of< span style="letter-spacing: 0.05pt;"> Commission agreed more the Tax al Value Added and the Commercial Ally you will have exclusively three business days after its issuance to request any clarification.

I accept and acknowledge the content and scope of the document by signing it at the end of this document and/or via acceptance < /span>electronics

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