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PEDISS.COM. is a brand of EXPRESATE CON AMOR SAS NIT 900682267-1, a leading company in Colombia whose main activity is to connect consumers with vendors through a virtual platform composed of a Web page and a mobile application, so that consumers enter, find out about consumer products exhibited and can carry out the sale transaction directly with the vendors electronically, and in general all kinds of complementary activities.

PEDISS.COM., In order to strictly comply with current regulations for the protection of Personal Data, in accordance with the provisions of Law 1581 of 2012, Decree 1074 of 2015 and other provisions that modify, add or complement them, the present following POLICY FOR THE PROTECTION AND TREATMENT OF PERSONAL DATA (hereinafter "Treatment Policy") with the purpose of protecting the personal information provided by the Holders that are related to PEDISS.COM. as are partners, suppliers, clients, employees, collaborators and any other natural person from whom PEDISS.COM. obtains, collects, processes or treats personal data, regardless of whether said treatment is carried out by PEDISS.COM. or by third parties who do so on behalf of it.

The Treatment Policy is intended to protect the constitutional right of Habeas Data that all people have to know, update, and rectify the information that has been collected and stored in the different databases of PEDISS.COM, and by virtue of the Compliance with this right only collects and treats Personal Data, when it has been previously authorized by its Holder, implementing for this purpose, clear measures on confidentiality and privacy of Personal Data. Likewise, it details the general corporate guidelines that are taken into account in order to protect the Personal Data of the Holders, the purposes of Information Processing, the area responsible for handling complaints and claims, and the procedures that must be exhausted. to know how to update, rectify and delete the information and the respective channels so that they can exercise them.


Personal data: Any information concerning or linked to specific or determinable natural persons.

Owner of personal data: Natural person whose data is subject to treatment. In the context of this personal data treatment policy, the holders may be: (i) subscribers / Clients of the platform; (ii) Contractors / Pedisstenderos; (iii) suppliers (iv) all those people not linked to PEDISS.COM. of whom the personal data is processed.

Personal data base: Organized set of personal data that are processed by a natural or legal person.

Sensitive data: It is that personal data that affects the privacy of the Holder and whose incorrect use could generate discrimination. Sensitive data, among others, are health data, data on sexual orientation, racial and ethnic origin, political opinions, religious, philosophical or moral convictions.

Private data: It is that personal data that, due to its intimate or reserved nature, is relevant for the Holder.

Semi-private Data: It is that personal data known and of interest both for the owner and for a certain sector of people or for society in general, so it is not of an intimate, reserved or public nature.

Public data: It is that personal data qualified as such according to the Constitution and the law, and that has not been classified as private or semi-private personal data.

Habeas data: It is the right of the Holder of the personal data to demand from the administrators of the same the access, inclusion, exclusion, correction, addition, updating and rectification of the data, as well as the limitation in its disclosure, publication or assignment.

Authorization: Prior, express and informed consent of the Holder to carry out the processing of personal data.

Privacy notice: Verbal or written communication addressed to the Holders of the personal data that are being processed by the company, in which they are informed about the existence of the personal data treatment policies that will be applied to them, the form of access them, and the purposes for which your personal data will be used.

Responsible for the treatment: Natural or legal person of a public or private nature that by itself or in association with another or others decides on the processing of personal data. In this case, it will be PEDISS.COM. the Responsible for the treatment.


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In charge of the treatment: Natural or legal person, of a public nature

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