These CUSTOMER TERMS AND CONDITIONS govern the use that any natural or legal person, or representative in any form thereof, makes of the Portal and the Services provided by COMERLIA SAS (hereinafter “pediss.com” ). This document contains legal information that we recommend you read completely in conjunction with the Privacy Policy. By approving these CUSTOMER TERMS AND CONDITIONS, it is understood that the User has read, understood and accepted them, in all their parts, and understands that these are legally binding. Therefore, the User accepts the conditions of use and exploitation of the Portal, Content and Services. If you do not agree with these CUSTOMER TERMS AND CONDITIONS, the User must refrain from using any service under the Portal.


These CUSTOMER TERMS AND CONDITIONS govern as of their publication on September 9, 2021.


By creating a Profile and/or using the Services available on the Portal, the User accepts all the CLIENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS contained herein and the Privacy Policy of pediss.com. Likewise, it is understood that he accepts the other operating rules, policies and procedures of the Services that are published by pediss.com on the Portal. Some services offered on the Portal may be subject to additional CUSTOMER TERMS AND CONDITIONS applicable to said Services, Promotions or specific Products that will be published on the Portal for each case. If the User wishes not to accept, any or all of the CUSTOMER TERMS AND CONDITIONS must refrain from accepting them and/or must refrain from using in any way the Services offered by pediss.com or making use of the Portal.</ span>


Terms whose first letter is capitalized (except when it is exclusively because they begin a sentence or it is a proper name), have the meaning assigned to them below:

Benefit(s): means the promotions and/or discounts that are granted to the User with the objective of providing better prices, conditions or benefits to them.

The Customer Terms and Conditions of each Benefit will remain published while they are in force and five (5) after their expiration.

Check Out: Refers to the confirmation process of the order. At Check Out, the User will view and confirm, among others, the delivery address, the requested delivery time slot according to availability, the total to pay, discounts applied to the order, payment method, products ordered and quantities.

Content: it means all kinds of information, now whether graphic or written, images, audio and video, including, but not limited to, location, advertisements, comments, news, data, scripts, graphs, drawings or images, texts, design, diagrams, maps and interactive features presented by pediss. com on the Portal and on any channel managed by pediss.com (and any underlying software and computer codes), as well as computer programs or algorithms, programming modules, operating manuals, whether such Content is generated, provided or otherwise. otherwise produced or supplied by pediss.com, the Users or third parties on its Portal.


Commercial Partner: Refers to any third party that offer your Products and/or Services through the pediss.com Portal through the Marketplace modality.

Equipment: means mobile phones and smartphones, tablets, computers and/or any other equipment or electronic device through which the Portal can be accessed.

Express: Delivery method of the purchased Products on the Portal by virtue of which delivery times of ninety (90) minutes or less are offered to Users.

Marketplace: Refers to the Service provided by pediss .com to the Commercial Allied, under which pediss.com allows different Commercial Allies to use its Portal for marketing the Products of said Commercial Allies.

User Material: means all kinds of photographs , videos, images, writings, texts, comments, communications or other content generated by Users or third parties, which have been uploaded to the Portal and/or any channel managed by pediss.com.

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="text-align: justify; line-height: 18.9pt; background: #FFFFFF;">pediss.com: means COMERLIA  SAS.</ p>

Purchase Order: means the particular order of a User for the purchase of certain Products through the Portal.< /p>

Profile: means the unique personal account created by each User who certifies registration on the Portal, based on the personal information provided by them to pediss.com, which may include their name, surname, ID number, date of birth, address, telephone number, username, email and password or in the case of legal entities, company name, NIT, address and/or any other data that is required by pediss.com for the purposes of its operation will also be requested, including but not limited to the issuance of electronic invoices.< /span>

Portal: means the website (www. pediss.com.com), or any other portal that may be created by pediss.com, mobile applications and Portals operated by pediss.com, through which Users may access the Services.

Privacy Policy: means the privacy policy and processing of personal data of pediss.com, which is published on the Portal.

Product(s) or Service(s): means all the products offered on the Portal including, but not limited to, food, basic family basket goods, groceries, beverages, alcoholic beverages, hygiene, beauty, mass consumption, technology, toys, pets, books, magazines, appliances, other food items and/or any other item, product or service that is available on the Portal, including products marketed by other Commercial Partners through the Marketplace business unit.

Prepared Product(s): They correspond to those food products offered by a Commercial Partner that for sale to a User have been mixed with other ingredients, prepared, intervened, cooked, transformed and, in general, on which the Commercial Partner has carried out a mixing or preparation process that converts them into a final product to be marketed and consumed.</p >

PQRS: means the Customer Service Area from pediss.com.

Scheduled: Delivery mode of the Products purchased by Users in which pediss.com offers date and time slots for delivery, as available at the Customer's choice at the time of closing the Purchase Order .

Selected Date< span style="font-size: 12.5pt; font-family: Helvetica; color: #333333;">Delivery method for the Products purchased by Users in which the Users or Clients choose the delivery date the next day the date of purchase and at the time of closing of the Purchase Order.</ span>


Store: Refers to the virtual space it occupies. each of the Commercial Allies within the pediss.com Portal depending on the Products offered for sale, in such a way that each Commercial Ally, as well as pediss.com, have their own “Store” within the Portal.</ span>

TERMS AND CONDITIONS CLIENTS, Terms of Use or T&C: means these Customer Terms and Conditions that are updated from time to time by pediss.com and published for User consultation on the Portal, whose acceptance by the User is understood through the use of the Portal.< /span>

Carrier(s): means the individuals and /or the External companies that provide the transportation and delivery services of the Products to the Users on behalf of pediss.com and/or the Commercial Partners and, if applicable, the collection of the purchase price.

User: means any natural person, who uses and/or who is registered on the Portal or has created a profile on it.


The person who creates a profile with their personal data is the only person authorized to access the Portal through said User. The User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any password or account number provided by the User or pediss.com to access the Portal and/or its Profile. The Profile of each User is non-transferable and can only be used by the User who created it with their personal data and must not be shared or used by third parties. Each User is solely and completely responsible for all activities that occur under his or her password, account or Profile. pediss.com has no control or responsibility over the use of an Us accountuser and expressly waives any liability arising therefrom. In the event that a User suspects that a third party may be accessing the Portal under their User account or using their password in an unauthorized manner, they will be responsible for changing their password immediately and must notify pediss.com immediately in order to restrict such access. If a User forgets their password, they may request that it be updated through the Portal.

Each User is solely responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the information provided at the time of the User's creation, including the veracity of their personal data that will be used by pediss.com, among others, for billing purposes. Any inaccuracy, error, lack of truthfulness or falsity of the information provided will be the exclusive responsibility of the User since pediss.com does not assume any responsibility for the validation of the information provided and expressly renounces any liability derived from it.

All information provided by the User in the creation of their Profile must be real, true and correct and by providing said information the User authorizes pediss.com to validate it by any available means and to act as it deems best appropriate. in events that detect the potential for fraud or falsehood.</ p>

The creation of multiple Profiles associated with the same natural or legal person or the alteration of any identity data in order to circumvent any restriction is expressly prohibited. Likewise, the creation of multiple Profiles by the same person associated with the same delivery address is prohibited, with or without the intention of taking advantage of any type of benefit, discount, promotion or activity promoted by pediss.com or a Commercial Partner. or third parties, clients, allies or suppliers of pediss.com.< /p>

If the creation of multiple Profiles associated with the same natural or legal person is identified, pediss.com may block said Users, Profiles, emails and residence addresses and may cancel the Purchase Orders in course and/or include Users or their personal information in restrictive lists of the Portal that limit or restrict access to the Services partially or permanently at the discretion of pediss.com.

By using the Portal the User expressly accepts and consents to the use of their personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy, so that pediss.com (or the third parties designated by pediss.com for this purpose ) use it, among others, for calls, order information, sending text messages and WhatsApp notifications, sending emails in order to offer available services or promotions, including advertising and marketing information. The User may opt out of receiving text messages, WhatsApp notifications and/or emails from pediss.com by sending an email to servicioalcliente@pediss.com</ span> </span >informing your wish not to be contacted for advertising or marketing purposes. In any case, the User's personal data will be usedlized by pediss.com for operational and logistical purposes of the state and delivery of its Products and/or Services. Likewise, the User can manage their notifications from the Portal in the Profile section.


The delivery of information by the User to create their Profile and/or the information necessary to access any Product or Service will be the sole responsibility of the User. Errors in writing, filling out and veracity of the information will not generate any liability for pediss.com and the User will be solely responsible for the consequences that the improper provision of information may generate in the provision of the Services or Products. The User will be solely responsible for assuming the additional costs incurred to change incorrect information, if applicable. To request the change you must write an email to customerservice@pediss.com expressly including the request for change or correction. The User declares that he or she is aware that the improper provision of information may impact the delivery times of the Products and/or Services included in the Purchase Order, and may even lead to its cancellation by pediss.com.</span


The User acknowledges that in accordance with current legislation there are Products, such as alcoholic beverages, that for their acquisition or consumption must be purchased by persons of legal age. The User certifies that the information regarding the age of majority provided in their Profile is real and is responsible for strictly complying with what is defined in section 6 below.



The specific coverage of the Services offered by pediss.com may vary depending on the logistical scope that pediss.com or the Commercial Partners have to carry out the respective deliveries of the purchases made by their Users. This geographical coverage is identified in the Portal in advance, when requesting a Product or Service. Additionally, pediss.com has the power to unilaterally modify these coverages at any time as provided in the Portal. Users may, from time to time, verify the coverage area and the feasibility of receiving their Product or Service at a specific address, city or locality by accessing the Portal, for this the User must enter the data of the real address. and exactly where you will receive the Purchase Order on the Portal, verifying that the geographical location is correct.


For those products shipped by pediss.com available in the Scheduled and Express Stores, the Products presented on the Portal are updated with respect to the real inventories of pediss.com, if they do not exist At the time of placing a Purchase Order, directly or at allied locations, pediss.com will exclude the missing Product or Service from the Purchase Order and will refrain from charging or will proceed to refund the unavailable Product or Service as explained further. forward. The exclusion of a missing Product and/or Service is evidenced in favor of the User in the status of their Purchase Order on the Portal. Money refund processes will be subject to the particular procedures for this purpose, including the procedures and times of the participating banking institutions.

The availability of Products offered under the Marketplace mechanism is the exclusive responsibility of each of the Commercial Partners according to their own inventory. In the event of any shortage notified by said Commercial Partner, pediss.com will exclude the missing Product or Service from the Purchase Order and will refrain from charging or will proceed to refund the unavailable Product or Service as explained below.</ span>


Delivery times depend on the delivery method chosen by the User and the availability of the Product. Read < span style="font-size: 12.5pt; font-family: Helvetica; color: #333333; text-decoration: none;">https://pediss.com/cb/content/1-terminos-y-condiciones- of-our-deliveries

The Express Service offers delivery of Products in ninety (90) minutes or less. For other delivery methods, the date and time of delivery of each Purchase Order will depend on the time slots selected by the Users at the time of Check Out, provided that this option is available. In the event that the Purchase Order includes various Products, some of which are marketed under the Marketplace modality, various deliveries may be required depending on the nature of each Product and the location of each Commercial Partner that supplies the different Products. The User accepts that there will be a different shipping cost depending on the Store they choose to purchase their Products and according to the chosen time slot, and if they choose to buy in more than one Store, they must pay the various shipping costs that are generated according to each Store modality and as indicated to the User in the Check-Out part before finalizing their purchase. The shipping cost of each Store may vary depending on the distance of the User from the Store, the weight and volume of the purchased good, among others. All shipping cost information is provided to the User on the Portal before completing their order.

The selected time slot corresponds to the time range in which the Carrier will deliver the Product and/or Service to the address indicated by the User. The delivery of the Products will have a cost indicated as the delivery cost, which varies according to the selected time slot, the city in which the purchase is made, the delivery and theThe Benefits (promotions and discounts) that apply to it, as well as the nature of the Products. The number of deliveries per time slot has a limited capacity, which is why pediss.com reserves the right to eliminate the availability of a slot on the Portal when it has reached its capacity limit or in accordance with its logistical needs. In these cases, the User will see on the Portal the slots that are available and their cost. In the event that incidents beyond pediss.com's control occur in the delivery city, such as marches, strikes, adverse weather conditions or accidents that affect mobility or the dispatch or delivery of the Products, pediss.com will do everything possible to deliver the Purchase Order with the shortest delay possible, however, it is not responsible for delays in delivery due to causes beyond its control or acts of third parties. Deliveries selected in the bands called “Same Day”, “Fast Delivery” and “Express” are subject to what is indicated above and will apply according to the indicated coverage areas.

For Products and Services purchased through the Marketplace system, the aforementioned rules will apply subject to the operating hours of each of the Commercial Partners, in which case the time slots available for delivery of said Products will be adjusted in accordance with the schedules in which said Commercial Partner is open for dispatch of its Products. This information will always be visible to the User when completing a Purchase Order.< /span>



pediss.com on its Portal will indicate the value of the minimum order required to process a Purchase Order, it may be updated by pediss.com from time to time and may vary for each Store and said information will always be visible to the User. This value will be indicated when the User includes items or products in the shopping cart before proceeding to Check Out. The value to meet the minimum order value restriction does not include the address value.


The price that must be paid for each item included in the Purchase Order will be the price in force on the Portal at the time of Check Out. In the event that the price is subject to a discount, the current price will be found without deletion. Any price with a strikethrough indicates a price that is not current.</p >

The prices are not maintained before or after completing the Check Out and in the event that the User wishes to make a change to their Purchase Order, or that the Check Out is not completed, the prices of each Product in effect at the time of making the change or modification will be the prices available at that time.


It is made clear that for the Marketplace model the prices of the Products are defined by each of the Commercial Partners, and can then be found Similar products offered by a Commercial Partner and by pediss.com at the same time, with a differential sales price, subject to the commercial conditions of each Commercial Partner and the Benefits that one or the other is recognizing to the Users.< span style="font-size: 8.5pt; font-family: Verdana, sans-serif; color: #000000;">


5.6.1. Purchase Orders to which the Selected Date, Scheduled and Express modality applies, may be paid, among other payment methods to be included from time to time, in the following ways:

● Payment on delivery: Cash and Dataphone

● Online/Non-Person Payment: Visa, Mastercard, Codensa, Diners and American Express Credit Card (when available by the payment operator), or payment through PSE when enabled.

  • ● Bonuses and Coupons: These are codes generated by pediss.com, associated with a promotional campaign in force at the time of purchase. They are equivalent to a certain amount of money in the currency of origin of each country and are redeemable only for purchases through Products available on the Portal. They cannot be accumulated with other coupons and/or credits and must be redeemed in their entirety in a single purchase. They have an expiration date and are not redeemable for cash.

5.6.2. For Purchase Orders placed through the Marketplace service, only payments will be accepted online through Credit Cards or the payment mechanisms that at the time of creation of the Purchase Order are enabled by pediss.com in the Portal for said Store and/or respective Product as approved by each Commercial Partner.

  • Missing Products or Products without availability chosen by a User in a Purchase Order will be excluded from the same and their value will not be charged when possible, or in the events that the payment has already been processed, the respective value of the missing Product or Service will be refunded to the User using for this purpose the same means of payment used by the User for the purchase, unless a different refund agreement is reached with the User according to as established in these Terms and Conditions Clients.

  • In the event that the return is partial and the payment has been made by credit card, the refund must be previously agreed between the User and pediss.com since the credit card payment portals They do not always accept partial refunds of payments or they may imply longer refund times.

  • Regarding the purchase through Marketplace, understanding the specialty of the Products marketed by the different Commercial Partners, if there are shortages or products without availability, pediss.com may contact you through of PQRS to the User with the aim of offering the exchange of said missing Products for one of the same or similar quality, reference, weight, or condition, which must be previously and expressly approved by the User. If the User does not accept this alternative, the procedure established above will be carried out.


The Carrier will deliver the Purchase Order to the address indicated by the User for this purpose. If the User is not at the indicated address, the order will be left with a third party available to receive said Product at the address indicated by the User, as long as the order is paid for or is paid by said third party.</span >

In the event that there is no one available to receive the Purchase Order, pediss.com will attempt to contact the User by telephone to indicate that their Purchase Order is ready for delivery. pediss.com, will make three attempts to communicate with the User by telephone, in the event that it does not receive a response from the User, it may, at its discretion, proceed to cancel the Purchase Order, a situation that will be reflected for the User in the status of your Purchase Order on the Portal or try to reschedule the delivery.

The verification of the status of the Products and/or Services and that the Purchase Order complies with what was requested, including its completeness, may be carried out in two moments:

5.7.1 At the time of delivery of the Purchase Order, the User must review its status and content together with the Carrier, in order to verify and validate developments such as poor condition of any product. , missing products, unsolicited products. In the event of detecting any nonconformity, the Carrier will contact pediss.com customer service to provide a solution to the User on the spot.

If no news is found, the Carrier will notify the delivery as an accepted order, in this way, it is considered that the Purchase Order has been received to the satisfaction of the User, and no subsequent requests associated with it will be received. findings described above that must have occurred at the time.</p >

5.7.2. In cases where the User chooses the “contactless” delivery option, through the Portal at the time of generating the purchase, the User must review the status , completeness, expiration date, missing or surplus products, among others, of the Products and/or Services contained in the Purchase Order and, in the event of any news mentioned about them, you must carry out the procedure in the times and manners established in section 8 of these Customer Terms and Conditions.

In this event pediss.com will process the Users' claim requests in accordance with the procedure established in PQRS in order to offer a solution to the User.

In the event that the User is unable to provide photographic proof, and/or return the products for which they allege any inconsistency, pediss.com reserves the right not to accept claims requests for the same. Therefore, the User must, to proceed with the claim, and in order to ensure its veracity, have photographic support of the alleged inconsistency, as well as the affected Products for their respective return.

pediss.com reserves the right to deny claims when in its opinion it can reasonably maintain that there are indications that they involve attempted fraud or abuse on the part of the User.

In all claim events, pediss.com reserves the right to require the User to return the affected products as a prior condition for compensation. The transportation costs associated with the delivery, collection and new delivery of products for which a situation of alteration is verified will be assumed by pediss.com, unless fraud or bad faith is established on the part of the User, in which case the cost transportation must be assumed by the User.


Users over 18 years of age who must expressly express their compliance with this condition on the Portal at the time of placing the Purchase Order in order to finalize it. The User will be solely responsible for the veracity of the confirmation of his or her legal age on the Portal. The User must present evidence of legal age at the time of delivery of the Products. Therefore, the User releases pediss.com, its directors, employees, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents and representatives, Commercial Partners, as well as the Carrier, from liability in the event of non-delivery of the Products due to lack of of accreditation of the User's age of majority and/or for the use of any false document or false information in the User's profile.


The following describes the procedures and causes by which the cancellation of a Purchase Order by a User and/or pediss.com and the effects thereof will proceed.

7.1 Time for the cancellation of a Purchase Order by a User

The Cancellation of a Purchase Order made through any of the Stores available on the Portal may be carried out without any cost by Users from the moment of its creation and until before it is ready by pediss. as or by the respective Commercial Ally for shipment. The status of each order will be visible to the User on the Portal. Therefore, no Purchase Order that is in a “ready”, “dispatched” or “delivered” state or under equivalent expressions may be canceled by the User through the Portal and will have to resort to other events described below.

7.2 Procedure for cancellation of a Purchase Order by a User.

If you wish to cancel a Purchase Order until before it is ready by pediss.com or by the respective Commercial Partner for shipment, the User must manage the cancellation of the Purchase Order at through the Portal through the “Help” section or through the email servicealcliente@pediss.com, cases in which the User must inform the cause for canceling the Purchase Order, this for monitoring purposes. internal to pediss.com.

In this case the procedure will be as follows:

A. The User at all times has access to review the status of their order on the Portal.

B. By requesting “Help”, the User has the option to cancel their order. When requesting cancellation, at the discretion of the Portal; The request may be automatically redirected to the emailservicioalcliente@pediss.com in order to follow up on the case or, in other cases, it will be the User who can self-manage the cancellation autonomously.

C. Once the User sends their request, pediss.com will send an automatic response confirming receipt of the request and proceeding to cancel the Purchase Order.

D. The User will see the cancellation of the Purchase Order reflected in their Profile, if for any operational reason the Purchase Order is also dispatched, the User must refrain from receiving it, if it werereceived and accepted, full payment will be made.< /p>

In the event that at the time of cancellation of the Purchase Order it had already been paid by the User in favor of pediss.com, the following alternatives will be offered to the User:

Refund of the value of the Purchase Order as established in section 9 of these CUSTOMER TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

If the delivery of credits equivalent to the value of the Purchase Order is accepted by the User as established in section 9 of these CUSTOMER TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

7.3. Cancellation of a Purchase Order by pediss.com< /span>

pediss.com reserves the right to cancel a Purchase Order for the following reasons:

1.    When in your opinion, you consider that there is a violation of any of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS CUSTOMERS contained herein, including, but not limited to: false information in a User Profile, creation of multiple Profiles, attempts to access one or more Benefits or promotions in violation of the applicable CUSTOMER TERMS AND CONDITIONS or on more than one occasion per the same User, incidents detected of bad faith in the return or request for refund of money.

2.    When in your opinion, you consider that there is potential for fraud or suspicious activity in the payment method used.

3.    When the User makes recurring reschedules on a current Purchase Order.</span >

4.    When the User fails to receive the Product at the previously established address and time attempted telephone communication with the User on three occasions.

pediss.com is not responsible to Users for the cancellation of a Purchase Order at any time or place and, in the event of payment for any Product that is cancelled, the refund will be made on value of the Product according to the modalities provided in these T&C.< /p>


8.1 General conditions for the exchange or return of damaged products.


The exchange or return of one or more Products included in a Purchase Order will only proceed when they are of a different quality than that offered by pediss.com or by that required by Colombian Law, that is, for the following reasons:

(i) Damaged products;</ p>

(ii) Incomplete products;</; p>

By virtue of what is established in Law 1480 – Consumer Statute, in these events Users will have the right to request the exchange and/or return of the Product object of the claim within the deadlines established here.

In the event of any request for a return or exchange for the reasons established above, after verification by PQRS of the situation that gives rise to the anomaly and the provision of photographic evidence by the User, the solutions set out in section 8.3.

Once the situations described in section 8.1 have occurred and except for specific regulations for a certain nature of Products, a request for an exchange or return of Products by a User will be appropriate up to a maximum of twelve (12) hours after receipt. the product. The Products subject to exchange or return must retain the original packaging and conservation characteristics in which they were delivered. Returns are not accepted on products that have been opened or modified. For all changes or returns, the request must be made in writing through the customer service email servicealcliente@pediss.com or through the “Help” section of the Portal.

8.2 Term and conditions for the exchange or return of Products

(i) A change request by a User will be accepted up to twelve (12) hours after receipt of the Product. The Products subject to exchange must retain the original packaging and conservation characteristics. Returns are not accepted on products that have been opened or modified or the maximum period of twelve (12) hours to request the change has expired.

(ii) For products with defects or defects</span;


1.    once the situations described in section 8.1 have occurred, a request for exchange or return of corresponding Products as long as they are faulty or damaged. The Products subject to exchange must retain the original packaging and conservation characteristics and as long as the product that is defective or damaged is maintained for subsequent analysis by pediss.com or the respective Commercial Partner. At all times, the Product that is the subject of the complaint or claim must be made available to pediss.com for its respective return.

(iii)For Prepared Products with defects or failures. Once the situations described in section 8.1 have occurred, a change request will be appropriate up to a maximum of thirty (30) minutes after receiving the Prepared Product and as long as it is present faults or defects attributable to causes beyond the control of the User. The Prepared Products subject to exchange must retain the original packaging and conservation characteristics and as long as the product that is defective, damaged or expired is maintained for subsequent analysis by the Commercial Partner.

8.3 Changing Wrong Products

In the event that the Product delivered, regardless of its classification, is incorrect according to the Purchase Order, but the Product is in good condition and retains its original characteristics, the User may request a return or exchange thereof. . In the event of a change of the Product, pediss.com will proceed to schedule the collection and delivery of the new Products to the User, assuming at its expense the value of their transportation. In these cases, the wrong Products must be returned by the User in the same conditions in which they were delivered.

8.4 Solution for exchange or return events

In cases of change orreturn in which part or all of a Purchase Order purchased by a User meets the requirements established in sections 8.1 and 8.2 above, the following solutions will be offered to the User, in which case the User at his or her free discretion and leaving a record of said decision You can choose one of these:

Refund of the monetary value of the Product that arrived in poor condition, expired or was incorrect. The date and time of collection of the products subject to exchange or return will be previously agreed upon with the User to proceed with the return.

Exchange of products that were delivered in poor condition, expired or erroneous, at no cost to the User. The date and time of the new delivery, as well as the collection of the exchanged products, will be previously agreed upon with the User.


If the delivery of credits equivalent to the value of the Products that arrived in poor condition, expired or were incorrect were accepted by the User. The date and time of collection of the products subject to exchange or return will be agreed with the User to proceed with the allocation of credits.




In events in which the refund of money in favor of a User is appropriate, the following procedures will be applied:


9.1 Refund through the User's bank account


The User must contact the Pediss.com Customer Service area and request a refund via bank transfer. The advisor in charge will ask the User to attach: Photocopy of the User's ID, at 150% and Certification of the User's bank account where the disbursement will be made.

In case the User wants the return to be made to the account of a third party other than the one who made the Purchase Order, in addition to the previous documents, they must attach: Photocopy of the ID of the account holder at 150%, Certification of the owner's bank account where the disbursement will be made.

User authorization letter authorizing pediss.com to make the respective return to the third party's account. The letter must contain Name of the bank account holder, Number, bank and type of bank account, ID number of the third party, signature of the User.

Authorization letter from the third party account holder authorizing the deposit to your account.

Once pediss.com receives all the documentation requested by the User, the response time to make the return effective will be between eight (8) and fifteen (15) business days depending on the banking entity. pediss.com is not responsible for the return times applicable to the various financial entities or for the time it takes for the transaction to be reflected in accordance with the policies of each of the financial entities.

9.2 Refund through the credit card used in the purchase

The User must contact the PQRS area of pediss.com and request the reversal of the transaction via credit card, this option applies if and only if the payment for the Purchase Order in question was paid through of that means of payment and will only be made to the same card used to execute the payment. pediss.com will proceed with the management of the return of the money to the corresponding credit card in accordance with the terms and procedures of the banking entity and the corresponding franchise, with the User understanding that said deadlines are not within the scope of pediss.com .


According to the provisions of articles 46 and 47 of Law 1480 of 2012, Consumer Statute, the maximum term to exercise the right of withdrawal will be five (5) business days counted from the delivery of the good. . The right of withdrawal will only be effective as long as the product is not a good for personal use, is not a perishable good, does not correspond to goods that by their nature must be consumed within five (5) days, goods that cannot be consumed. span>

be returned or may deteriorate or expire quickly, do not present changes in their characteristics in accordance with the conditions in which it was delivered, have not been used, do not show any wear and do not present quality problems derived from use by the User.

In case of application of the right of withdrawal, the User must deliver the Product with all its accessories and original packaging to pediss.com who will verify the general condition of the Product, which must have no signs of use and must operate normally ;If it does not comply with the specifications mentioned above, the product will be returned to the User and no withdrawal will be made.


If a User makes use of the right of withdrawal, the transportation costs and everything else involved in the initial delivery and return of the Product will be assumed by the User. The value charged for the transportation of the product will be the same as that listed on the initial purchase invoice for the Product and, if transportation has been free; pediss.com will inform the User in advance of its value and the corresponding payment methods to schedule the collection.


If you want to exercise the right of withdrawal and are within the aforementioned parameters, the User must manage said process through the Portal through the “Help” section or through the email customerservice@pediss .com.

11. APP CREDITS pediss.com

In the event that for any reason in accordance with the provisions of these CLIENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS, credits are assigned to a User for the development of future purchase operations through the Portal, the User declares to understand and accept that they can only be used through the Portal subject to the availability of inventory and territorial coverage of the same and according to the conditions that apply for each Product and/or the Benefits. Pediss.com credits in any case will have a specific maximum use date which will be communicated to the User. Pediss.com credits are in no case redeemable in money or elements or goods other than those marketed through the Portal.

Credits within the pediss.com Portal will be assigned a value of 1 credit to 1 Colombian peso.


pediss.com will receive and process the queries, requests, requests, complaints and claims formulated by the User in the eventualities that arise from the service provided by the company, including delivery times and quality of the Products, among other cases, through the help center available on the WhatsApp Portal or through the email customerservice@pediss.com or through the different service channels that can be found on the Portal and that pediss.com can activate from time to time. In the event that the purchase involves the Product of a Commercial Partner, pediss.com will notify any claim received to said Commercial Partner so that they can directly address said claim with the User. Without prejudice to this, pediss.com may function as a communication channel between the User and the Commercial Partner, being free of all responsibility regarding the agreements reached between the parties.tes or the handling that the Commercial Partner may give of the case.

If the User has any questions regarding the CLIENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS, Privacy Policy, use of the Portal or their Profile, they may contact pediss.com by writing to the email servicealcliente@pediss.com< /span>

All requests will be attended to within a maximum of forty-eight (48) hours and must be resolved, if the conditions with the User allow it, within a maximum time of five (5) business days as established by the current legislation and by the internal policies of pediss.com for the care of PQR. In the event that, due to conditions beyond the control of pediss.com, problems arise that prevent us from responding to user requests in the maximum time

indicated, pediss.com will notify the estimated response time by email in order to keep the User informed.


Except as otherwise provided, all rights to the Content are the property of pediss.com. Users are authorized to use the Portal, but they may not download material displayed on it, and its copy, reproduction, publication, download, encoding, modification, translation, interpretation, exhibition, distribution, transmission, transfer or dissemination in media is expressly prohibited. of communication, without the prior, express and written authorization of pediss.com. The copyright and other intellectual property rights over the Content are the property of pediss.com, expressly reserving the exercise of all civil and criminal actions aimed at safeguarding its legitimate intellectual and industrial property rights.</span >


14.1 General Conditions

In the event that the Portal allows the publication, upload or loading of material by Users, these will be considered at all times as non-confidential and the User will be solely responsible for the use of said content. Furthermore, by publishing or uploading them on the pediss.com Portal, the User grants pediss.com a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicensable and transferable right to use, reproduce, distribute, modify , display and send material published by Users, for the promotion and support of pediss.com. The User grants each User a non-exclusive license to access their User material through the Portal and to publicly display and represent said User material, under these TERMS.INOS AND CUSTOMER CONDITIONS.

In relation to the above, the User declares regarding the User material that: (i) he is the exclusive owner of the copyright over them, or that he has the authorization of the owner thereof for publication on pediss.com; (ii) is not unlawful, obscene, defamatory, libelous, pornographic, hateful, racist, or inappropriate for any reason; (iii) will not damage the reputation of pediss.com or any third party; and (iv) does not impersonate another person. pediss.com reserves the right to remove any User material at its sole discretion and without prior notice or liability to the User or any other person.

pediss.com does not endorse or support any type of User material, nor make recommendations or advice on them, and the User renounces any link to pediss.com in relation to any User material. The User understands and accepts that the User material may contain information that is inaccurate or offensive, waiving, from now on, to claim or present any type of appeal against pediss.com with respect to the same.


pediss.com may provide links to websites owned or managed by third parties, without this fact being understood, under any circumstances, that pediss.com endorses the content, products or services available on said websites, and which is not responsible for

its content or its security. The link or connection of the User to any other website is their sole responsibility.


If during any purchasing process within any Store and understanding any specialty of any Product, including, but not limited to, formulated medications, pediss.com requests a User to deliver any type of document, medical formula or identity document (the “


Document") and it is provided by the User, it will be understood that (i) the User expressly and irrevocably declares the veracity, integrity and totality of the Document, (ii) the User expressly and irrevocably authorizes pediss. com and/or the Commercial Partners to use said documentation solely for the purpose of processing the corresponding Purchase Order for the Product in question, and (iii) the User declares to understand and accept that the Document will be reviewed by pediss.com or the Partner. Commercial in order to prove that the User meets the legal requirements for the purchase of the Product, in which case they may store, analyze, dispute and, in general, carry out any activity on the Document aimed at the sales relationship on the respective Product.< /span>


The use of the pediss.com Portal is at the User's own risk. The Services are provided as offered and with the warranties of law applicable to the Products, without additional warranties of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the warranties of merchantability, suitability of the Product for a particular purpose and non-infringement. pediss.com does not make any kind of representation or warranty regarding the Products offered on the Portal. Without prejudice to the fact that pediss.com acts with the greatest diligence in providing its Services, pediss.com does not assume any liability arising from (i) errors or inaccuracies in the Documents or information provided by Users; (ii) personal injury or property damage, of any nature, as a result of your access and use of the Portal; (iii) unauthorized access or use of pediss.com secure servers and/or any personal and/or financial information stored therein (iv) any damage caused by third parties to Users due to access and use of the Portal or by the consumer relationship relating to the Products between pediss.com or a COMMERCIAL PARTNER and the Users.

pediss.com does not guarantee that the Portal will operate error-free or that it is free of viruses or other dangerous digital products. If the use of the Portal results in the need for technical service or replacement of equipment or data, pediss.com will not be responsible for such costs. pediss.com, to the maximum extent permitted by law, disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including without limitation the warranties of merchantability, non-infringement of third party rights and the warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. pediss.com does not guarantee, under any circumstances, the accuracy, reliability, completeness and timeliness of the Content, support, software, texts, graphics or links.

However, and taking into account the above, pediss.com will do everything within its power to minimize technological or infrastructure errors at the level of servers, mobile apps and the website that may result in detriment to the User in any way. regarding the protection, correct and authorized use of your data.</span




Users may report to pediss.com any conduct or Content that may violate these Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy or applicable legislation. For this purpose, the Portal in its Privacy Policy and in these terms will have the appropriate channels to formulate the respective PQR, preferably the customerservice@pediss.com mailbox. Once the request is received, pediss.com, in its sole discretion, will determine whether the deletion or modification of the Content is appropriate.


The User accepts that pediss.com is not responsible for any direct, indirect, lost profits, consequential damages, incidental, special or consequential damages, arising from or in relation to (i) the improper use of the Portal by any User; (ii) liability for acts of any carrier or third party that is not linked to pediss.com; or (iii) in relation to the performance or navigation of the Portal or its links to other websites.

The User acknowledges and accepts that the Carriers are providers of an independent service and pediss.com is not responsible for their conduct or acts not associated with the delivery of the Products.

Furthermore, the User agrees that pediss.com is not responsible for damages resulting from the interruption, suspension or termination of the Services or changes in the coverage areas offered by the Company, including without limitation direct damage , indirect, lost profits, consequential damage, incidental, special or consequential damage. In no case will pediss.com's total liability to the User for any type of loss exceed the amounts paid by the User to pediss.com.



pediss.com will not be responsible for any action or omission of third parties, acts or conduct that may generate any type of damage to Users under the understanding that their generation is outside the sphere of control of pediss. .com. Therefore, pediss.com will only be responsible for receiving and managing the PQRs generated by the Users with the intention of informing third parties, when possible, of the claim or complaint presented by the User so that the third parties can resolve it accordingly. directly with the User, and pediss.com is committed to taking the corrective measures it deems appropriate to prevent the situation attributable to the third party from being repeated.


In its sole discretion, pediss.com may modify or discontinue the Portal, or may modify, suspend or discontinue your access or support, for any reason, with or without prior notice

notice and without any responsibility towards Users or any third party. Even if a User loses the right to use the Portal, these CUSTOMER TERMS AND CONDITIONS will be enforceable against him or her. The User may terminate the application of these CUSTOMER TERMS AND CONDITIONS at any time, ceasing to use the Portal, surviving all provisions that by their nature should survive to take effect.

The termination of the Services and/or the closure of the User's account, for any reason, will not generate compensation or compensation in favor of pediss.com.





This agreement will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Colombia, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of law.


These CUSTOMER TERMS AND CONDITIONS and the Privacy Policy constitute the entire agreement between the User and pediss.com regarding the Services, use of the Portal and the Content. If any provision of these CUSTOMER TERMS AND CONDITIONS is declared illegal, or presents a void, or for any reason is inapplicable, it must be interpreted within the framework thereof and in any case it will not affect the validity and applicability of the remaining provisions. .


No agency, partnership, joint venture, employee-employer or franchisor-franchisee contractual relationship is created by this Agreement.


pediss.com will, at its sole discretion, unilaterally change these CUSTOMER TERMS AND CONDITIONS, the current version of which will always be visible to Users on the Portal. However, such changes will only apply from the moment they are published on the Portal and will apply to transcripts that are held after their entry into force, without altering transcripts held previously.



These CUSTOMER TERMS AND CONDITIONS are personal to each User, and cannot be assigned, transferred, or sublicensed, except with the prior written consent of pediss.com. You may assign, transfer or delegate any of your rights and obligations under these CLIENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS without the consent of the User. Unless otherwise specified in these CLIENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS, all notices or modifications will be considered duly given from the moment of their publication on the Portal, or from the moment it is notified to the User (if applicable), as appropriate.


25.1 General

Regarding the specific CUSTOMER TERMS AND CONDITIONS of promotions, coupons and/or credits launched from time to time by pediss.com, they can be consulted through the portal.</span >

25.2 Best price guaranteed

If the “Best Price Guaranteed” legend is presented, it applies to the Products marked with this campaign where pediss.com guarantees that the price of the Product is the best price for that same product, on that date of the Colombian market in companies competing with pediss.com (without applying discounts, promotions or special coupons). In the event that any pediss.com user after having made their purchase on the Portal finds the purchased Product (which must be the same product, with the same characteristics, brand, size and characteristics as the one offered) at a lower price, they may present a request via e-mail toservicioalcliente@pediss.com attaching the necessary proof (invoice or image that contains the lower price of the product compared to that offered by pediss.com with the same corresponding date) so that the difference in prices can be delivered to the User via pediss.com credits. Additionally, this credit will be made for the value of only one item of the characteristics mentioned in this literal. pediss.com will have fifteen (15) business days to review and resolve these requests.

In any case, it is the User's obligation to consult the CUSTOMER TERMS AND CONDITIONS of any promotional activity and benefit that is available on the Portal, especially determining whether the person responsible for it is pediss.com, a Commercial Partner or a pediss.com provider that uses the Portal to grant some type of benefit to Users. When the promotional activity, contest or benefit is solely the responsibility of the Commercial Partner or the pediss.com supplier, the latter will only function as an intermediary for the activity and any question, complaint or claim that the User may have regarding the same will be directed to the person responsible.


If the User has any questions regarding the CUSTOMER TERMS AND CONDITIONS, Privacy Policy, use of the Portal or their Profile, they may contact pediss.com by writing to the email servicealcliente@pediss. com

Terms and Conditions Service pediss.com Prime PROOF</span;

Any word with an initial capital letter that is not defined in these Customer Terms and Conditions will correspond to the definition included in the General Customer Terms and Conditions of the pediss.com application and/or the website www.pediss .com (the “Portals”).


COMERLIA SAS (“pediss.com”) through these Terms and Conditions Clients regulate the characteristics applicable to the pediss.com Prime Service to be provided in Colombia subject to the availability of coverage that the Portals have (as and as defined below). This pediss.com Prime Service will only be available in the period of time between January 5 and February 28, 2023 and will be subject to a limited group of customers previously defined by pediss.com as test and validation subjects. of the system, without this implying any excuse on the part of pediss.com to comply with its obligations under the service.

Description Service pediss.com Prime

The pediss.com Prime service corresponds to the possibility that different pediss.com customers have to obtain, for a limited time, an exemption from the delivery cost for 30 days when placing orders through the Portals.

The pediss.com Prime service applies only within the territory of Colombia within the coverage area as described below.

Coverage pediss.com Prime

The pediss.com Prime service can be purchased for a limited time in the coverage areas available on the Portal at the time of selecting its contract by the User.

Once the service is purchased, users will be able to use it in any area covered by pediss.com in Colombia.

General Conditions

Applies only in the coverage areas defined by the Portals within Colombia.

All orders placed within the pediss.com Prime service are governed by the Portal Customer Terms and Conditions available at https://pediss.com

The pediss.com Prime service will be available on a limited basis from January 5, 2023 to February 28, 2023.

Nothing herein gives customers the right to receive coupons, credits or any redemption for cash, transferable or redeemable.

The user can purchase only one pediss.com Prime unit, equivalent to 30 days of exemption on the delivery cost from the moment the order has been paid and delivered. Once purchased, the User will not be able to cancel the service or request a refund.

If a user purchases more than one pediss.com Prime unit, only the benefit corresponding to one unit will be applied; The value corresponding to the additional units will be refunded in the form of credits to the user's account.

Once the order has been confirmed, the user will not be able to modify the pediss.com Prime units through the order help section; If extra units of pediss.com Prime are added through the order help section, the corresponding value will be refunded through credits to the user's account.

To be able to use the pediss.com Prime benefit, the minimum amount required by each store to place an order must be met.

pediss.com reserves the discretionary right to refuse pediss.com Prime service in the following cases (including, but not limited to):

Duplication of accounts or profiles created by the same user, regardless of whether they have different devices, phone numbers or contact emails.

Accounts of different users that use the same address.

Any other situation that in the opinion of pediss.com is presented as a possible fraud against its interests, regardless of the mechanism used by the consumer.

pediss.com reserves the right to cancel orders or cancel the application of the pediss.com Prime service, if it detects intention of fraud, fraudulent payment or violation of any aspect of the Customer Terms and Conditions or pediss policies. com.

pediss.com may disable the pediss.com Prime service at any time during the term when, in its opinion, it considers that an attempt has been made or any type of human or technological fraud has been carried out to take advantage of it by part of one, several or all consumers.</p >

The user acknowledges and accepts that the information provided and registered on the Portals is true and reliable, being fully responsible for its falsehood and subject to a validation process by pediss.com.

pediss.com Prime is exempt from discounts for promotional activities.

Applies privacy notice known to customers, available at https://pediss.com/cb/content/ 2-personal-data-protection-and-processing-policy



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