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For a sandwich in the best Italian style, crispy on the crust and fluffy on the inside.


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Traditional Italian dough, made with sourdough and olive oil, with large and airy cells inside. It is one of the best breads to make sandwiches in bread makers or in a toaster oven.
Product suitable for vegans and vegetarians
To regenerate the crust, you can bake for a short time at medium heat or put in a pan over medium-low heat until the desired crust is achieved.
Maintain and preserve the product in its respective packaging, to avoid possible contamination. Consume before the expiration date. After opening the package, consume it in the shortest possible time. Store at Room Temperature (in a cool place away from strong odors) or Freezing Temperature (-18 ° C or LOWER), thaw the product 3 hours before use. Once the product has been thawed, it is recommended not to freeze it again.
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